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Had an unassuming couple over for lunch yesterday.  They were relaxed, polite, and positive.  Took a few minutes to peruse their options and once they knew what they wanted, they ordered directly and precisely.  Always made eye contact and weren’t distracted by their phones.  Perfect.  This is is what I want from you, restaurant guests:  I want you to take a few minutes to see what we offer; I want you to ask a few pertinent and RELEVANT questions; and then I want you to order exactly what you want.  Be in charge of your own experience without making it into a big deal.  Then, let us do our jobs.  We’ll time everything for you, keep your table clean, make sure everything tastes good, and top off your drinks at regular and respectful intervals.  You’ll be much happier for it.

The couple enjoyed the view and each other’s company.  Isn’t that all you can ask for on a perfectly sunny and mild day before Memorial Day weekend?  Only after about an hour into their meal did the busser* inform me that the guy was driving a high-end sports car.  Of course, he misidentified the model of said Italian supercar; Millennials never know the names of anything important or expensive or valuable.  I’d never have known this from this guy’s demeanor—truly rich and successful people don’t need to make a point of such things or flaunt their wealth; they don’t need Black Cards when they’ve got confidence in themselves.  They treat waiters with simple human respect because they receive it all the time, not because of their wealth but because of the ability  and competence that earned them their riches.

They left me 35%.

*By the way, the aforementioned Busser, an up-and-coming young man, recently graduated from a local State School.  I said to him, “Congratulations!  You must be so excited.  When are you starting your new job?  Or which medical school are you attending?”  He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.  He seemed to think that the accomplishment was in graduating, not in what he would do with the degree.  MILLENNIALS:  HAVE A JOB LINED UP WHEN YOU GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE THAT IS WORTHY OF YOUR DEGREE.  But that’s a topic for another post