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We get a lot of English tourists visiting our waterfront restaurant in South Orange County. By a lot, I mean all. I once had the entire cast of characters from Pride and Prejudice—Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth, Jane, Bingley, even Mr. Wickham.  That’s a lot of SPF 45, I’d say.

Anyway, a lot them like to order Fish and Chips when they have lunch here.  And by a lot, I mean all.  I’ve a feeling they wanted Bangers and Mash but Fish and Chips will have to do.  What’s the point of this?  Why would you travel 6000 miles to eat exactly the same thing you eat at home?  You don’t see me going to Chicago to eat at California Pizza Kitchen.  I’m not desperately searching for In-n-Out in New York City.  This is like if you lived in Las Vegas and said, “Family, let’s all go to Atlantic City for the great casinos!!”

This reminds me that strippers love to go to other strip clubs on their nights off.  Again, makes perfect sense.  Hey, after four days in a row of grinding on strangers in the dark of vodka-induced haze, I’ll just go and relax at another place where people are grinding on strangers in vodka-induced hazes.  Perfect.

Hmm.  And don’t get me started at the strip clubs that have full-sized Sushi Bars in them.  Talk about your Fish AND Chips, amiriight??