We’ve all seen and worked with him or her and we’ve all cringed:  the High-Waisted Apron Wearer.  She (we’ll just use the pronoun “She” for this post) wears her apron high….really high, like ten inches above her waist high.  Now, look, I get it—those damn aprons always fall down, usually when you’re carrying a tray of four over-filled martinis (that the service bartender, who has a shaved head but claims that he can still grow back all his hair, always overfills) across the restaurant on a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon.  So her solution to this is to tie her apron excessively high.  And to her I say, well, if your goal is to look like you’re wearing the equivalent of Mom Jeans for Waitresses, I say—goal achieved.  She also doesn’t tie her apron around and underneath the front but rather allows the ties (strings? ropes?) to hang around the back.  Server Foul #2, right?  I understand that the trends in pants have shifted from ultra-low-rise to 70s-inspired high rise but if you wear your apron right where your belt is, it won’t fall down as easily and it will look, well, more natural.  Oh wait….she’s also the same person that doesn’t wear a belt to work.  She’s also the same person that studies books from her State School at work.  In a way, her High Waisted Apron Wearing does make her look more matronly and, therefore, more like the House Mom of the Restaurant.  And perhaps that’s a good thing.

What else can I say about you, Waitress Who Wears Your Apron Too High, except that you’re officially on my list of The Different Types of Servers At Your Restaurant.